The Universes

The Facelesses


The Summit Of Seven Selfies


To Touch the Grass



Still-Lives on Copper





Old Masters
















Exhibition opening at Gallery HOF212, Driebergen-Rijsenburg


Drawing classes at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam




December 2012, I-Gallery, Paris





November 2013, Gallery Venetiae, Amsterdam.






Anton Shirkin


Born in 1978 in Kiev, Ukraine
1987-1990 Moscow Academic Art Lyceum, Moscow
1994-1999 Fine Arts Academy Ruud Wackers, Amsterdam
2007-2008 HKU - University of Arts Utrecht, Bacherol of Education, Utrecht, the Netherlands
Since 2000 regularly exhibits in the Netherlands, France and in Russia
Works are included in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.


1994 City Hall, Amsterdam - solo exhibition
1999 City Hall, Purmerend, the Netherlands - solo exhibition
2000 Gallery Donkersloot, Amsterdam - solo exhibition
2001 "Home Exhibition Apollolaan", Amsterdam - solo exhibition
2002 Gallery Medea, Rotterdam - solo exhibition
2003 Art-weekend "Let's Do It!", Amsterdam
2003-2004 Kunst-Event, art fairs: Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Antworp, the Netherlands & Belgium
2004 Gallery De Vrijplaats, Amsterdam - solo exhibition
2005-2007 Art-Manege, art fairs, Moscow
2005-2008 Art-Salon, art fairs, Moscow
2005-2006 Kunst Aan De Kade, art fairs, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
2006 Millionaire Fair, Moscow
2006 Museum Stad Appingendam, Appingendam, the Netherlands
2007 Museum Geelvink-Hinlopenhuis, Amsterdam
2008 Glass Gallery, London - solo exhibition
2008 & 2012 Realiesme, art fairs, Amsterdam
2009 Moulin d'Andé, Andé, France - solo exhibition
2010 De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam - solo exhibition
2011 Gallery The Thouds, Amsterdam - solo exhibition
2012 Gallery RudolfV, Amsterdam - solo exhibition
2012 Gallery IG, Paris - solo exhibition
2013 "Portrais of the Facelesses" Gallery Venetiae, Amsterdam - solo  exhibition
2015 Wackers Academy, Amstedam
2015-2016 Chalet La Bergerie, Courchevel 1850, France - solo exhibition
2017 Chalet La Bergerie, Courchevel 1850, France - solo exhibition
2015-2016 Wackers Academy, Amsterdam
2019 "Unforgotten Faces of the Old Masters" Gallery HOF212, Driebergen-Rijsenburg, the Netherlands - solo exhibition
2020 Flashmob for the Artists - online solo exhibition
2020 "Happy Portrets Amsterdam", Amsterdam - solo exhibition

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